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The Grand Party Hotel

The Grand Party Hotel goes through the lobby and behind the doors to reveal the secret life of one of the most popular and extraordinary

Monarch in the Making image

Prince William: Monarch in the Making

In this exclusive documentary, we follow the Sunday Times’s Royal Correspondent Roya Nikkhah as she explores Prince William’s journey from baby prince to future King.

Celebrity Murder Mystery

Celebrity Murder Mystery finds six much loved celebrities (Su Pollard, Sheila Ferguson, Keith Duffy, Reverend Richard Coles, Angela Rippon and John Sergeant) go on the

Meat the Family

What happens when your supper comes to stay? A compelling new format, Meat The Family asks how much do we really know about the animals

Quizmaster image


Quizmaster, is a brand new 90-minute special hosted by Jeremy Vine, which pits contestants from Britain’s toughest quiz shows against each other in a bid

Meghan Markle for President

Meghan Markle for President?

Meghan Markle is arguably the most talked-about woman in the world right now. In this documentary we ask ‘what’s next’ for this strong-willed American who

Prince Albert image

Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed

History largely remembers Prince Albert as Queen Victoria’s German husband whose untimely death inspired decades of mourning. However, a wealth of new material, newly released

50 shades of green image

50 Shades of Green with Alan Titchmarsh

To celebrate fifty years spent in gardens around the world, Alan Titchmarsh is counting down his personal “Fifty Shades of Green”. This personally curated list