Aerial view of the village of Jaywick
Aerial view of the village of Jaywick


Benefits By The Sea: Jaywick

Channel 5

This returning documentary series follows the inhabitants of the village that has been branded ‘The most deprived place in Britain.’ We follow the daily struggles and triumphs of the resilient community that refuses to live up to the outside world’s perception of who they are. Situated near Clacton-on-Sea in East Essex, Jaywick now sits in stark contrast to the miles of golden sands, that in the 1920’s enticed holidaymakers to build their summer homes here. For the last two decades this once popular seaside resort has been slipping further and further into decay. Recent figures show that over 50% of Jaywick residents are unemployed and its crime rate is double that of the national average. But in the eyes of the people who call Jaywick their home the numbers don’t tell the full story.

A community continually let down by the system, Jaywick’s inhabitants have taken their destiny into their own hands. They’re ready to fight; for their reputation, their way of life and the welfare of their fellow man. This series follows a handful of Jaywick’s most determined and colourful characters on their mission to make Jaywick a better place.