A Hotel for The Super Rich and Famous


FORMAT: 2 x 60′

Thomas Kochs, formerly General Manager of Claridge’s and star of the award-winning documentary series Inside Claridge’s, is at the helm of a new, modern London five-star hotel.

Only 7 years old, Corinthia is situated just off London’s Trafalgar Square. It faces competition from London’s many other five-star hotels which also woo the super-rich looking for the ultimate luxury stay in London. With guests paying up to tens of thousands of pounds a night, it’s Thomas’ job to try to make their stay perfect. How does the eagle-eyed German master hotelier make sure his hotel stays top of the game in such a fiercely competitive environment?

Made by Jane Treays, the multi award-winning director of Inside Claridge’s, and filmedover the course of a year, the series revisits the land of the rich who can ask for anything they want and are willing and able to pay for perfection.