A Very Northern Hotel image
A Very Northern Hotel image


A Very Northern Hotel


FORMAT: 1 x 60′

A Very Northern Hotel is a warm, funny documentary that provides a unique snapshot of modern Britain. ‘A Very Northern Hotel’ goes through the lobby and down the corridors to reveal the secret life of the most popular place to stay in Liverpool – The Shankly Hotel. Like other big hotels, it caters for a huge diversity of guests – from couples enjoying romantic breaks, to weddings and family getaways. But what makes The Shankly unique are its party rooms on the top floor. Dedicated to large groups of young fun-loving friends, the enormous, individually-themed communal rooms sleep up to 24 guests in multiple beds, alongside dancefloors, bars, Jacuzzis and even a swimming pool.

But managing these big groups isn’t without its challenges. On the same weekend, the hotel may host a giant family wedding, a riotous hen-do, an elderly couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and a hi-energy baby-shower. A Very Northern Hotel follows the staff and new General Manager as they try to cater for every request but attempt to ensure the guests don’t collide and spoil each other’s special occasions.