How the other half lives, Las Vegas image
How the other half lives, Las Vegas image


How the Other Half Lives Las Vegas

Channel 5

FORMAT: 1 x 120′

Every year 40 million people flood into Las Vegas and offload 35 billion dollars. Eamonn & Ruth join them to investigate the outrageous lifestyles of the super-rich the city attracts.   Eamonn and Ruth check in to the Palms Casino Hotel for $25k a night, go shopping at Michael Jackson’s favourite boutique, and see why Prince Harry chose the Wynn Hotel for his wild weekend. They meet a 90-year-old burlesque dancer who dated Elvis, learn blackjack from a $15m winner, and attend a Sin City wedding. If Las Vegas is Disneyland for adults, it’s the casinos that provide the most thrilling rides and make the most money. Four out of the five richest people in Sin City are casino moguls and Eamonn & Ruth meet up some of the most colourful characters servicing the biggest spenders, those that indulge it and those that try and keep a lid on it.