Mother holding baby image
Mother holding baby image


9 Months Later

Sky Living

FORMAT: 6 x 60′

Following five couples who are bringing up a baby for the first time we see them for the first eight months of the sink or swim world of parenting as their relationships are transformed and they grapple with their new identities as “Mums” and “Dads”.

We accompany them on their roller-coaster of sleeplessness, thoughts of break up, euphoria and reconciliation, our five couples, reflect, in a series of forthright, intimate and often humorous testimonies, the truth about what they went through those first few months.

They communicate what it’s like to love like they’ve never loved, to think the unthinkable and confess many things. With the magic of having a baby of their own come thoughts of running away, of leaving their partners, of needing sex and not getting it and going somewhere, anywhere where they cannot hear the baby cry. As they become initiated into parenthood, and share the love three-ways, these couples find out what they’re made of.