Travelling Blind image
Travelling Blind image


Travelling Blind


FORMAT: 1 x 60′

In a refreshing new travel format for BBC Two, blind world-traveller Amar Latif sets off on an adventure with comedian Sara Pascoe.  Sara acts as Amar’s sighted guide as they explore Turkey’s bustling cities, remote mountains and extraordinary landscapes.

Amar and Sara travel in completely different ways:  Sara is an introvert, preferring to stand back and observe, avoiding talking to strangers.  But Amar is completely fearless, going off the beaten track and needing to be in the thick of things – smelling, listening and touching everything – to get a real impression of his surroundings in the absence of being able to see. Amar explains to Sara how becoming blind as a child changed his philosophy on life and desire to experience the world. Acting as his guide, Sara begins to see the world differently as she spends time describing what’s going on around them through bazaars, ancient sites, traditional communities and incredible landscapes. Ultimately, their journey through Turkey becomes transformational for both.

‘The most original TV travel show in years…its a rich and at times emotional journey but an absolute joy to share’ – Radio Times