Paul Hollywood with fresh bread
Paul Hollywood with fresh bread


Get Baking With Paul Hollywood

Waitrose TV

FORMAT: online

In this new digital format for Waitrose TV online, Paul takes just 4 novice bakers through their first baking, step by step, the Hollywood way. Delivered as standalone bitesized Waitrose branded web-ready films, his students ask questions and gently Paul corrects their mistakes as they create their first ever perfect crusty White Bloomer loaf, the lightest of Chocolate Cakes, and Easter Hot Cross Buns full of fresh fruit, and nine more Hollywood classic bakes. Both students and viewer not only learn a great deal about the principles of good baking, but have a new tasty treat that they can re-create anytime at home.

Created within the web-delivery workflow, the format is also now available repackaged as commercial half hour conventional broadcast formats for international sale, and supported with full broadcast paperwork and clearances, and accompanying stills and tested recipes.