Hunt outside stately home


Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life


FORMAT: 3 x 60′

For over a year our cameras went behind the scenes of Country Life magazine, exploring the lives of those who have been bred into our land, inherited it or have simply bought into its dreams.

For nearly 120 years, Country Life magazine has been aspiring to capture the elusive soul of the British countryside from muddy fields to stately homes. Director Jane Treays meets the people who live and breathe the magazine and those that own and run castles, mansions and for generations, have lived off the land.

With stunning photography capturing wide open skies and golden landscapes, the series, Land of Hope and Glory – British Country Life, records the pure beauty of the countryside and the centuries of traditions and people who live there. Yet, as the series reveals, there are shadows falling on the sunlit uplands as political interference and a lack of understanding of countryside issues threaten the very future of the British rural way of life.