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Meat the Family

Channel 4

FORMAT: 3 x 60′

What happens when your supper comes to stay?

A compelling new format, Meat The Family asks how much do we really know about the animals that we put on our plates?

Four meat-loving families share their homes with the animals they’d normally serve up. For three weeks they learn all about the animals whilst living up close and personal with them. Having grappled with the impact of their meat-eating habits, will these previously committed carnivores be able to give up meat for good and send their animals to a sanctuary, or will they send them to slaughter and face the prospect of serving up their former houseguests?

This 3 X 60’ series draws on cutting edge studies into animal behaviour and intelligence, examines the farming practices required to meet the demands of hungry consumers and looks at the environmental impact of the meat industry. Surprising insights challenge perceptions of why some animals become part of the family and others end up on the plate

Distributed by Red Arrow
“It was populist, non-preachy programming. The very definition of food for thought.” – Telegraph

“A lot is learnt in the course of this unusually thoughtful example of reality TV” – Independent