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Murdered by My


FORMAT: S1 4 x 60′, S2 7 x 60′

A new 4-part crime series investigating some of Britain’s most high-profile murder cases.

Episode 1 -Murdered By My Stalker The Murder of Alice Ruggles
This episode of the true crime documentary investigates the murder of Alice Ruggles who was killed in a cold-blooded execution by her soldier ex-boyfriend, despite Alice informing the police of his stalking behaviour.

Episode 2 – Stabbed In The Back The Murder of Sam Caulfield
20-year-old Sam Caulfield was stabbed in Crawley, West Sussex. Captured at the scene on police bodycam footage are four of Sam’s friends, who all deny their involvement. This documentary unearths the truth behind who killed Sam, as his family share their story.

Episode 3 – Killed On Camera The Killing of Georgia Williams 17-year-old Georgia Williams, a police officer’s daughter, was tortured on camera by her friend Jamie Reynolds, who was already known to the police for his snuff movie fantasies.

Episode 4 – Murdered By My Girlfriend
This true crime documentary looks at three shocking cases in the UK, where women have been convicted of the murder or manslaughter of the men in their lives. Told through those closest to the cases including families, police, journalists and experts, this documentary explores the psychological and behavioral issues that have driven these women to kill their partners.